Monday, July 29, 2013

Pinterest Top 10 Funnies

Hello there, blog readers! We have been without WiFi at our house for almost a month. What a rough summer for Team Roberts on the technology front: one iPad under the running bath faucet - dead. One iPhone in the potty - dead. One modem (and all of the glorious entertainment it provides us) - dead. Oy! 

Because of our technical difficulties, I have fallen WAY behind on the blog. Lots of catching up to do over the next few weeks before I go back to work. (*sniffle*)

To warm up, I thought I'd share my favorite funny things from Pinterest. If you don't know what Pinterest is, dude, get out from under that rock and start living. It's the go-to place for home, meal, craft, baby, and classroom ideas - and more! 

Without further ado (and in no particular order), here is what has made me LOL the most on Pinterest...

10. If only I could hang that in my classroom... the sad thing is, though, I'd probably hear, "I don't get it" far too often, leading me to call into question my life's work. Too heavy.

9. Because seriously, is there anything worse than when all you want is a nice big Diet Coke, and you find out you're at a Pepsi pour restaurant? Mehhh. 
8. Amirite? 

7. Seriously, I might actually MURDER to look like I did in high school, where I spent far too much time thinking I was fat. Oh 1990s Lisa... you'll know fat one day. Ouch... 

6. You all know you're thinking of at least one person on Facebook that, if you had enough courage, you'd post this on your page and tag them in the photo. 
5.  How hilarious is this? The expression on the middle guy's face is so great! I may just have to do this - any GHS English peeps game? :)

4. Oh Sheldon Cooper - how great you are. 

3. My apologies to my husband, but every woman who sees this picture is like, "MMMMMM HMMMMM!"

2. Am I the only one who has never learned how to fold a fitted sheet? Did they take girls out of elementary school PE one day to teach this? I must have been absent.

And finally...

1. If you replace "sleeve of thin mints" with "pint of Ben and Jerry's," you have a description of a far-too-common day of my pregnancies' third trimesters.

(And P.S.: where does she live that has high temperatures of 75? I want to go to there.)

Have a great week, everyone! :)

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