Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid!

Apparently, Luke is five years old...! I always knew that time was flying by, but I am much more aware of how quickly the years pass since Kate has arrived. It really does feel like I blinked and Luke went from being baby Kate's size to being his tall, gangly, and handsome Pre-K self. 

To celebrate, we invited our cousins and friends to join us at Chuck E. Cheese's. Luke was GIDDY as soon as he saw the sign from the highway as we drove in. Over and over again: "Chuck E. Cheese's. Chuck E. Cheese's." =D So darling! We love to make his day any time we can! 

Many of Luke's guests were the new babies that have joined the extended Calvert clan. We missed baby Claire, but we enjoyed seeing cousin Hallie (2 months old)

Miracle baby cousins Carson and Harper (just over 7 months old)... 

And even that pesky baby sister, Kate (5 months old).

I think/hope everyone had a blast! We were so thankful for all of our friends and family who made the trip, including quite a few of my friends I've found online who have children on the autism spectrum. Many traveled a long way to attend, and their attendance meant more to Jeremy and me than we can ever express! Look at the turnout! 

Cousin JD had a great time.

Here's our sweet birthday prince. :)

He was VERY excited to see Chuck E. Cheese. 

Though his facial expression doesn't suggest it, the car was Luke's FAVORITE.
This horse wasn't so bad either though...
You can tell that sweet Avery Brooke has big brothers - she drove that car like a boss!
Luke managed to fit in some Deal or No Deal. (As some of you may recall, he is QUITE a fan of the game shows. Let's just say we have DoND episodes on DVR and we have the Wii game.)

Lucas James, you're the best deal we ever got! You are so loved and treasured, sweet monkey. Happy, happy birthday! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

5 Years Old and 5 Months Old

September 3 marked a big day - Luke turned 5 years old, and Kate turned 5 months old!

Birthday week was a busy one. Luke had several appointments - all well visits - which meant we spent some time in doctors' offices. Here's Luke checking out the aquarium at Dr. Scott's office. I like to think of this as the calm before the storm. As soon as that nurse says, "Lucas," he collapses into a puddle of tears. Soooo fun. x-(