Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Luke!

The reality of the stressful return to work means it is taking me a lot of time to get things done... including Luke's birthday blog post. Two weeks ago, Luke turned 3! It's so hard to believe. We truly had no idea when we were here:

...what amazing things God had in store for all of us with the next three years of Luke's life. We were so excited to celebrate him! 

Here's the big 3 candle featuring two of Luke's current favorites: Bob and Where-we (or Larry, but c'mon, Luke's pronunciation is way cuter) from Veggie Tales.

Before my guests arrived at Honey and Grand's, Luke fueled up with some lunch. (His favorites for his birthday: hot dogs, chips, and apples.)

We had a great day celebrating with family, each of whom Luke graced by saying their names! (This is a huge development for us, as you might know.) Luke, Mommy, and Daddy celebrated with all of Luke's grandparents (Grandpa, Grandma, Granny, Honey, and Grand), Uncles Chris (Cwis), Johnny, and Bobby, Aunts Lori (Wore-we) and Jackie, Granny, and cousins Alyssa (A-wiss-uh) and J.D., who, as you can see here, was digging some time in his jumper.

After pizza and salad, we hit the pool, and MAN did Luke have a great time swimming and judging his Uncles' Bobby's and Johnny's cannonballs into the pool. If they did not make a big speech, Luke was VERY disapproving!
 He opened his presents (as always, family, you are so generous!),

Was serenaded (to his bewilderment),
 ...and even enjoyed some frosting.

A special thank you to my parents for hosting us - it was a perfect day with loved ones to celebrate our precious, sweet boy! Happy Birthday, Luke! We all love you so very much!