Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter, 2012

Easter season snuck up on us quickly this year - as usual, time is flying by way too quickly. 

2012 marked Luke's first ever picture with the Easter Bunny. I know - I'm the Mother of the Century. But in my defense: 

  1. I find the shopping mall Easter Bunny inherently creepy. I also dislike costumed mascots. Perhaps these things are related...
  2. Our mall Santa experiences - particularly in the post-autism diagnosis era - have been awful. The noise, the waiting, the angst of taking a good picture once you finally do have your precious minute with Santa... these are stressful for every parent, but when you're kiddo's on the autism spectrum, the tension reaches another level. Luke had a craptacular experience with the Bass Pro Santa this year, so between that and the fact that I find the Easter Bunny a furry, creepy weirdo? I'm out. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A New Play Set

Between a nice little tax refund and some found money, we decided to spruce up our backyard with a new play set! This things is pretty sweet, let me tell you! 

We've got three awesome swings, a pretty rocking slide...