Monday, March 25, 2013

36-Week Appointment: The Countdown to Baby Girl Roberts is On!

Before I post anything about my most recent doctor's appointment, I have to give two quick but sincere thank yous to Jeremy's company, Infinitude Creative Group, and dear old GHS (where I went to school and now teach) for throwing us baby showers over the past few weeks. Both occasions meant so much to us - it's so great that Jeremy and I both have great professional families who are supportive and caring during this special time.

Luke - Easter Bunny Pic 2013 and Overall Awesomeness

Maybe it's my being overly sensitive, but I'm already cognizant of wanting to be sure to give each of my kids plenty of attention. So, even though I could easily write one post about Luke that he share with his baby sister, I'm going to give them equal attention and each his/her own post. We'll see how well I do that when they're both here! :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Updates: 33 and 34-week appointments and 35th birthday

So... how amazing is this picture?!?! Here is our baby girl at my 33-week appointment on March 1. I zoomed in so you can really see those chubby cheeks. We think she looks like her big brother. I know Luke is skinny, but you catch him asleep with his face against a pillow, and he looks a lot like this. Well, not entirely like this - he can't put his foot up to his forehead like that! :)

Luke Scoop - February and Mid-March

So time, that ceaseless blankety-blank, has flown by again, and suddenly it is the middle of March. Are. You. KIDDING ME?!?! 

I guess to say that we've been busy is an understatement: there are SO MANY things to do when you're going from a family of three to a family of four! Fortunately, and not surprisingly, Luke has been a champ about it. I feel like everything in our world has been so baby-baby-baby that I want to be sure Luke gets his proper billing and deserved kudos. He's had a great few weeks!