Monday, March 25, 2013

Luke - Easter Bunny Pic 2013 and Overall Awesomeness

Maybe it's my being overly sensitive, but I'm already cognizant of wanting to be sure to give each of my kids plenty of attention. So, even though I could easily write one post about Luke that he share with his baby sister, I'm going to give them equal attention and each his/her own post. We'll see how well I do that when they're both here! :)

Anyway, the first week back to reality after Spring Break was a busy one, particularly as Luke adjusted back to routine. Spring Break wasn't exactly fun for him, and he really missed his routine of school. When Jeremy took him to school Monday morning, Luke RAN IN. Gotta love our boy - he loves school and looooooves to learn! 

We had Luke's annual ARD this week. I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones and/or the fact that it hit me that in one year, we will be talking about Luke starting KINDERGARTEN, but I was a wreck going into the meeting. Of course my fears were quickly allayed: we couldn't be more blessed to have an incredible school district and an amazing team of professionals who are gifted personally and professionally to serve Luke and his special friends. Everyone who spoke talked about all the great progress Luke has been making, and how his "snowball" was really starting to gain momentum as it rolled downhill. He's learning so much all the time, making gains in his language and his socialization with his peers. It's a slow and steady progress, but listening to his teacher and therapists share stories put Jeremy and I near tears - happily so! - several times. It was a great meeting and a great reminder of how far our little guy has come!

Fast forward to Sunday - pictures with the Easter bunny! Luke did GREAT!!! He was more interactive with the bunny than he's ever been with the Easter Bunny or Santa before. We didn't get as many great poses, but how precious is this one?

Heck, Luke even was a sport and let me get a picture of him wearing his bunny ears. He wore them the whole ride home, too! 
I'm so excited to see what this sweet boy has in store for his baby sister! It's going to be exciting at our house in a couple of weeks, that's for sure! :)

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