Thursday, March 14, 2013

Luke Scoop - February and Mid-March

So time, that ceaseless blankety-blank, has flown by again, and suddenly it is the middle of March. Are. You. KIDDING ME?!?! 

I guess to say that we've been busy is an understatement: there are SO MANY things to do when you're going from a family of three to a family of four! Fortunately, and not surprisingly, Luke has been a champ about it. I feel like everything in our world has been so baby-baby-baby that I want to be sure Luke gets his proper billing and deserved kudos. He's had a great few weeks! 

School Highlights... 
I know I have already mentioned this approximately 792 times, but we couldn't love Luke's teacher more. She sent me this class picture after their Valentine's party. Luke (third from left, bottom row) is looking at the camera. It may not seem like much to many of you, but to Jeremy and me, this is a testament to the miracles they work at school. Aren't they all so precious? 

(One quick aside though: when those little heart Valentine carriers came home, I felt like a loser with a capital L. I thought "bring 20 Valentines" meant "no really, it's cool; just get a box of Avenger valentines and call it a day." Um, no. Evidently I'm the only mom that didn't go crazy on Pinterest for ways to hand-craft our valentines. *Hanging head in shame*)

I was so relieved when his teacher emailed the week of show and tell that SHOULD have been letter Q that we were to decorate a crown for show and tell that week. WHEW. (I have the feeling all the kids would have shown up with Q-tips. =D) Here's Prince Luke! He picked out his stickers! 

Luke was a celebrity this month when his picture made "little school's" (Brent Woodall Foundation) Facebook page. We're so glad that he has such a sweet spirit at both of his schools, and that his teachers and therapists at both places revel in making him laugh!
Finally, the day before Spring Break, Luke's PPCD teacher emailed me these pictures. Luke is voluntarily eating food that is not beige at their St. Patrick's Day party. I believe this was green eggs and ham in honor of Doctor Seuss. AMAZING! 

Not sure what he's mixing here, but it's just another good picture of my sweet, handsome boy.

On the Home Front... 
Like I said in the first paragraphs, our weekends at home have been so busy getting the nursery put together that we admittedly haven't been the most exciting parents for our precious Luke. I mean seriously, the best we've had to offer has been a trip to Lowes to pick out a rug for our living room. Lame sauce...

After too much of this, we decided ENOUGH, and we braved the unseasonable cold last Sunday to head to Frisco to see the Shriner Circus. I'll be honest - I think Luke was maybe at a 4 out of 10 on the engagement scale*, but it was a fun outing nevertheless. Some highlights... 
*due in large part to how the circus is sensory overload for someone without autism, let alone someone with it. He was fabulously well-behaved; I just think it was hard for him to focus on any one thing because there approximately 250,325 things to take in.

 How cute is his thoughtful little face here? :)
Thoughtful audience member
"Good job!"
"FINALLY! The kid in front of me with one of these was making me so jealous!"
This is a talented elephant, y'all.


Now, Spring Break is coming to a close. We've done a lot of chilling out (since Mommy is too big to be too adventurous right now), but this little guy works so hard that I think he more than deserves the down time. 

Hope everyone is having a good month, too! 


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