Sunday, February 24, 2013

32-Week Update and Baby Shower!

It's hard to believe, but I am now at the point where I go to the doctor EACH WEEK...! Jeremy came with me on Thursday, and we got to see how well baby girl is doing. She is still a mover and a shaker with whom the sonogram tech struggles to keep up. I'm a little afraid of what that means for us when she's crawling and walking, but let's focus on the here and now... :)

The biggest piece of news coming out of Thursday's appointment is that my doctor is now saying she doesn't expect me to go past 38 weeks. WOW. That's not all that far away when you think of it! I'm getting things going with the plan that my last day of school will be Thursday, March 28. If I don't count Spring Break, that is only four weeks of teaching away! That sounds pretty manageable.

Anyway, here's the best part of this post: I had my first baby shower this weekend! My aunts Jan, Mary, and Sussie hosted a beautiful shower for me yesterday. Every decoration was gorgeous, every treat delicious, and every guest so appreciated! 

Everything on this table (and the punch that had yet to be poured) was SO YUMMY. Well, I don't know about the flowers. 

I have to admit that yesterday was one of the first times it really sunk in to me that we're REALLY getting a pink baby this time! :D

Here I am in my round splendor. 
Here are the hostesses, my aunts Jan, Sussie, and Mary. Not only did they throw a beautiful party; they got me my crib bedding set. I'm so moved by their generosity!

Here I am with my friend Kerry. Kerry and I taught together at JJ Pearce, and though we don't see each other near as much as we'd like, we remain very good friends. I am so thankful she made the trek out to Grapevine (and over the ever-changing path that is the 121-114 exchange. Will it ever be finished? *sigh*)
Here's my good friend, Heather. We were roommates in college and are still besties, talking at least two or three times a week. She has two beautiful girls of her own, so I know that she will be hearing from me OFTEN as I figure out this little girl gig!
Finally, here are the Robertses: my sister-in-law Michelle, my mother-in-law Donna, me, my niece Alex, and my sister-in-law Lori. Michelle and Donna came from Tyler to celebrate, and after the baby shower, we all came back to our house for barbecue and to celebrate my father-in-law Pete's birthday.

There are plenty of people who were at the shower I didn't get pictures with, but it was so wonderful to slow down and celebrate the precious little girl who will be here before we know it! Thanks so much to each of you who made the day so great!

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