Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Almost 30 Weeks!

A recent post on my sister-in-law's blog has made me feel  guilty that I haven't posted more about my pregnancy! I guess the ultimate blessing is that there hasn't been any big news to post; things have gone just as they should, and Baby Girl is progressing perfectly!

Since I turn 35 next month (!), I am classified as "advanced maternal age." I choose to look on the bright side of this, as it has meant I've gotten lots of extra attention, sonograms, etc. Case in point: in January, during which I've been 25-29 weeks pregnant, I've been to the doctor three times: once for a (slightly-late) 24 week checkup with my regular OB/GYN, once for my 24 week follow-up with the OB specialist, and once for my (very late) 28 week checkup and ever-so-lovely Rhogam shot. (OW!)   

Those 24-week appointments brought some big updates:
  1. Again, my advanced age nets some benefits: starting at 32 weeks pregnant, I will see my doctor weekly (and I'll get a sonogram each time...!). In fact, I have one this coming Friday to get another good look at this sweet girl. Yippee! 
  2. To follow typical procedure, my OB will not have me go past 39 weeks pregnant before we schedule an induction (if, of course, I last that long). So, though my due date is April 16, it's essentially April 9... wow! 
  3. A minor issue (I'll spare you the details :D) that appeared on my sonograms prior to my 24 week appointment with the OB specialist corrected itself by the 24 week sonogram, so I have been dismissed from seeing the specialist. Awesome! This is particularly great because...
  4. This girl measured about a week further along than my due date is. In other words: she's a little big. (I'm feeling every bit of that, too!)
The 28 week appointment brought further consoling news that her heartbeat, measurements, and size looked great. This was especially reassuring because I battled the flu at the end of January! Yup - despite a flu shot and my typically cracker jack immune system, I got the flu. It was pretty miserable, but I think I caught it very quickly. My OB recommended I take Tamiflu, and I think that helped immensely. While I was puny for days, I only had a fever one day - VERY good in that it posed essentially no risk for baby.

Pregnancy #2 has been... well, let's just say that it's tougher this time around. It isn't BAD, per se, but I've thought about it, and this time with my pregnancy with Luke, it was summer vacation, so I was able to rest much more. Now? Well, I'm older, working full-time, and have my almost 4.5 year old bundle of energy - I'm not getting as much rest, to say the least! I'm more than hanging in there though. 

Finally, fun pictures - we picked out nursery decor! It looks perfect with the existing wall color of Luke's old nursery (SCORE... NO PAINTING!!), and it's very sweet. The room will feature pink, yellow, and pale green butterflies. It is going to look great! Here are a few pictures (taken from my phone - they don't do justice to how sweet this really is!):

And no - no baby name yet. We have a short list that we are keeping quiet until we decide for sure. Stay tuned!

Big Brother is insistent that we go outside or play Wii. Sibling rivalry already. :) See you soon!

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