Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day Out with Thomas - April, 2015

For at least the third time (but Kate's first), we went to the Day Out with Thomas the Train when he rolled into Grapevine. Since Kate has a big brother - and his old toys - she loves "Choo Choo," as she calls him. She loves to play with the toy trains, and she loves to watch the actual TV show. We figured she would enjoy the trip for sure, but we didn't know how stoked Luke would be. 

Easter 2015

The week prior to Easter was busy for us - Luke had surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed on 3/27 and missed the whole next week of school. We have some sweet friends from Sunday School that wanted to cheer us up, so while we thought we would have missed the opportunity to hunt eggs, we got to do so in our own front yard!

Two Cute to be True

Kate is two. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN SO QUICKLY? My baby girl is stretching into a big girl right before my eyes. Talk about bittersweet! 

Here's a little about you at age 2, Kate...