Saturday, May 9, 2015

Two Cute to be True

Kate is two. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN SO QUICKLY? My baby girl is stretching into a big girl right before my eyes. Talk about bittersweet! 

Here's a little about you at age 2, Kate...

  • Perhaps this isn't a ringing endorsement of my parenting, but it is what it is: you love snuggling up to watch some of your shows. Veggie Tales is your favorite to watch, but there's no question who your favorite character still is: Elmo! 

  • You are so chatty. You say at least 60 words, and you're putting 2+ word sentences together. 
  • You love to brush your teeth. I hope you stay this way! If you disappear, I can usually find you at or near your sink cleaning those chompers. 

You love brushes of any kind. I'm often trying to track down my hairbrush. :)

  • You've discovered selfies. You're a fan. "Is Kate," you say. :)

  • You're so very loved by everyone who knows you. Your teachers gave you the character trait of JOY because you are always so excited at school and love to play with your friends. Your family thinks you're pretty neat, too, as they all came over to celebrate your big day at a party - which was an Elmo theme, of course!

(You are holding a singing Elmo card that your Grandma and Grandpa got you. You were a GROUCH since you had just gotten up from your nap, but the singing Elmo card SAVED THE DAY!) 

  • You are a healthy, tall girl - 95th percentile in height (36.5") and weight (32 lbs). 
This is in the lobby of the doctor's office at your two year checkup. Lobby = best, most fun place ever. Once they called your name, you LOST IT. xP Drama queen!

  • You resist correction. 

  • You will hopefully have a thick skin one day about how much we (over?)share about you. 

  • You're irrepressibly enthusiastic. I hope you'll always approach each day with zeal, bright smiles, and sass! 

Happy, happy birthday, baby girl! You're TWO good to be true! We love you!

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