Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cute Pictures from School

Between kindergarten's myriad of activities and preschool's theme days, I've got a hodgepodge of cute school pictures to share! 

First, preschool has a picture day... or in Kate's case, days. (These are pictures of proofs, so the quality is poor.) On day 1, Kate would NOT have it and fled the scene.

On day 2, I tried to sit with her so they could get a good shot. NOPE. Later on the day her sweet teachers tried again. It isn't Kate's best look, but at least she didn't totally lose it! 

Here she is before college spirit day. 

And another day, a choo choo came to school! She was so excited! 

Finally, here are some precious shots from rodeo day. Special thanks to my friend Izzy for lending us the skirt! 

I'm sure I've said it before, but Luke has a phenomenal special education teacher who sends me pictures from time to time and whom I've forbidden to move until he is in middle school. :) He loved the pre-spring break party. 

His teacher also came to my rescue when I realized I sent him to school on St. Patrick's Day not wearing green. Top o' the morning to ya!

I loved getting to see his work on display at Open House! 

Looks like his teachers improvised on his "when I grow up" balloon- we are more of the non-reg Aggies. But the sweet sentiment is still awesome. Clearly his abundant maroon-shirt selection hasn't gone unnoticed. 

Finally, I don't know the occasion of this one, but I love it! 

Love these sweet babies and am ceaselessly thankful for their caring, talented teachers! 

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