Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kate the Great

After a shout out to big brother, I don't want to leave little sister hanging, so here are some pictures of the Kitty Kate over the past few weeks.

While Luke is at school, Kate and I are buddies. She spends a lot of time in shopping carts... and a lot of time playing with her hair. Or my hair. 

We went to see cousins JD and Hallie at a trampoline park. You are quite the jumper! I was so impressed! Since our visit to the park, you've expanded your jumping surfaces to include trampolines, the floor, and the bath tub. Yikes!

Like your brother before you, you love the Cozy Coupe, which we unearthed from our super-packed garage.

You are a Valentine Cutie Pie on February 14th and every day!

Here you are crying when Daddy took your Valentine's ice cream away from you. Girl, I'm not hating. I also just HATE it when ice cream time is over!

Saturday, we took you on a Mommy-Daddy-Kate date to see Sesame Street Live. You LOVE Elmo. You say his name probably 50 times a day, and you're usually carrying around one or more of your Elmo toys. You were giddy at the cutout Elmo in the lobby, and we couldn't wait to see how excited you would be at the actual performance!

You were actually a little somber at first. Probably starstruck! You were clinging to me for the first half of the show.

 But the second, you were up and moving around - or happily rocking in your theater seat. :)

You really liked the streamers that flew out at the end of the show!

Kate - you are a MESS. If little girls are made of sugar and spice, I'd say your ratio is maybe 40% sugar and 60% spice. You're sassy and can wear me out one minute, but then melt my heart the next. It is hard to believe you're five weeks away from being a TWO YEAR OLD!!!! We love you to pieces, Miss Kate!

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