Tuesday, February 24, 2015

January Odds and Ends

We're on our second "snow" day, and with actual snow looming, we may have a third day at home. Lord help me... cabin fever is setting in!

Anyway, I thought I'd take some time to remember the January that was. Picture time!

One day before school started back, I took Luke to Chuck E. Cheese to get the wiggles out. I am the best mother ever. :)

Jeremy bought this hat a 7-11 on New Year's Eve. It is still a staple around here. Usually, it is Kate that wears it, but I had to snap a picture of Luke donning it. :)

On our way to church... seriously, Kate could not have looked prettier, but this expression pretty much sums up her diva disposition.

Also - on January 3, I started Camp Gladiator! I attended three times a week during January. I haven't been as devoted this February due to sinus agony and now ice days, but I'm going to be back on track SOON. In the meantime, here is the dorky pic collage I made to commemorate my first 5-6 a.m. workout. And yes, it WAS 27 degrees out. I am a bad ass. ;)
From a random weekday morning. Nobody has it better than Kate. Seriously.

Her MDO preschool did a storybook character day in January. We brought one of our Sofia the First books and wore the lovely nightgown/princess dress Aunt Jackie got her. She LOVED it!

Kate loves to "color color color." Here she is with my planner and a purple pen that I hadn't put away. Sweet girl!

Random picture of Luke in his new sweatsuit. I am a sucker for cute sweatsuit sets on little boys. :)

Another theme day at Kate's school: Pajama day! We know Elmo is her favorite EVER, so we brought her cup, wore her Elmo slippers, and of course her Elmo jammies.

Luke sporting a shirt of Daddy's favorite team. I just can't even with how grown up he looks here!


Hope your January was great, too! 

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