Sunday, October 6, 2013

Six Months Old

Everyone but Hannah and I has been born on the third of a month. Observe: 

Jeremy: October 3
Lisa: March 5
Hannah: November 2
Luke: September 3
Kate: April 3

Kate and her daddy will always have a half birthday when the other celebrates a whole one. How cute is that? 

It is so hard to believe, but Kate is 6 months old (and her daddy is 39 years old... It's going to get REAL in another 12 months)! 

Here is the sweet half-year old: 

Here's a sweet candid shot with her big brother: 

One of the biggest developments this month is that you've started real foods! So far you haven't met a food you haven't liked. You've sampled rice cereal, carrots, squash, green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes. You were unsure about peas but came around in the end. You'll eat all of these, but your first love is definitely your bottle. 

Sometimes, I just don't serve you quickly enough. 

At your six month checkup, you weighed 17 lbs and 14 oz and were 27 inches long. You are our big, healthy, happy girl! We love you so!