Sunday, May 22, 2011

A is for April - Part Two

Now that May is almost done, I figure I ought to finish my posts about April. : )

We celebrated Easter at church, and then we went to Aunt Mary's for a wonderful family lunch and Easter egg hunt! Here are some pictures:

Monday, May 2, 2011

A is for April (Part 1)

A is for April... awfully action-packed April! It certainly was a good month overall, but you can tell it was a frantic one if it's taken until May for me to post about it! I'm going to divvy up the month into two entries.

(I'll start with an A: a is for apology, as in an apology for not being particularly witty with this entry. I've just got to get 'er done, as the rednecks say...)

Without further ado, here we go!

A is for around the house...
Here's some pics of Luke kicking it at home. He's still a lover of letters and numbers. These pictures are of some letters he got for Christmas. Below you'll see two of his greatest loves: letters and messes. : )

Another recent favorite around our house: Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Oh how he loves Clifford, Emily Elizabeth, and the theme song. And the iPod game. He is captivated by Clifford and in love, I think, with Emily. : )

Finally - and you know this warms my English-teaching heart - Luke is loving to read. He loves his books, and he loves e-books on the iPod. It makes me thrilled to see this!

A is for Autism Awareness Month
April was a special month for another reason: it was Autism Awareness Month. How amazing to see the things the Lord has in store... I know that last April, I had no idea that this month would be so important in our household twelve months later. We kicked off the month at Joe's Crab Shack. On April 1, they donated 10% of proceeds to Autism Speaks. We were joined by Honey, Grand, Aunt Jackie, Uncle Johnny, Granny, and Jackie's parents, Bill and Alice. Like a putz, I did not get a picture of the whole group, but here's one of Luke. You can see his Uncle Johnny trying to get into the frame, too. (Can you believe that he's a dad now? More on that in A is for April, Part 2.)

On April 30, we closed Autism Awareness Month with a fundraising carnival at Luke's school. He had a great time, though we weren't there too long. He was enamored with the duck pond, I think because Miss Ellen, his favorite teacher, was there. We love Miss Ellen and are so thankful for the care and dedication she has for Luke! He loves his school, and we love them for the incredible work they do to help kids with ASDs.

A is for Audra and Brent's Reception (and Pete and Donna's 40th Anniversary)
On the 23rd, we headed to East Texas for the wedding reception for Brent (Jeremy's nephew) and Audra. It was a beautiful night for a number of reasons - Brent and Audra celebrated their marriage, and Jeremy's parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! Congratulations to everyone - it was so much fun, and Luke had a blast on the dance floor!

Here are Pete and Donna dancing an anniversary dance.
Here's a family photo - I feel like all I ever show you are pictures of Luke. Here's proof we all exist. Naturally, we can't get a good one of all three of us, but oh well. : ) 

Luke is doing the chicken dance with Dad's help. He got the biggest kick out of it, and I think it motivated him later to bust a move to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Again - I was so proud. : )

Though it isn't the best picture, here are Brent and Audra dancing their first dance with Brent's daughter Halle joining in. Not a dry eye in the house!

Finally, here's my dancing machine. If this picture does not melt your heart, then you are made of stone. How sweet is this little guy?

Phew! Another post is coming with pictures from Easter, the arrival of Baby John David, and a few other updates. I hope all of you are doing well! Take care, and have a great week!