Sunday, May 22, 2011

A is for April - Part Two

Now that May is almost done, I figure I ought to finish my posts about April. : )

We celebrated Easter at church, and then we went to Aunt Mary's for a wonderful family lunch and Easter egg hunt! Here are some pictures:

Above: Luke's Easter basket filled with some of his favorite things: crayons, Super Why, alphabet flash cards (I know it's odd, but whatever. Look at his nerdy parents), and eggs filled with Nilla Wafers, yogurt bites, and Froot Loops.
Below: Luke and his BFF, Grand.

Above: the best shot I could get of Luke in his handsome Easter outfit!
Below: Luke's favorite part of the day: playing with the pool balls and throwing them into the holes. He got pretty good at it!

Above: All the great grandkids together after the egg hunt!

Another reason to celebrate: on April 28, we welcomed John David Eubanks, Jr.! Such a sweet little man!

J.D. and Luke were about the same size at birth, but J.D. outweighed Luke by two ounces. One of the MILLION reasons I'm so ready to be done with school is so that I can spend more time with this sweet little bundle! Congratulations to Johnny and Jackie!

April was a wonderful month, and May was just as busy. I'll try to post soon. In the meantime, have a great week!

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