Monday, June 27, 2011

May - The Uber-Fast Summary

I believe in my last post in late May I'd write about May "soon." It's over a full month later, and I guess that tells you how things have been going around the Roberts' household, huh? We're all a little tired, you could say...

As you can see, in the not-too-distant future, I need to be adding a "look at Luke's new twin-sized bed" post. : )  

May was dominated mostly by the end of my 8th (!) year of teaching. This year was probably my toughest yet between the ups-and-downs of Luke's diagnosis to a general not-so-grand climate in schools because of state-wide financial woes, but ultimately, it was a good one with great kids that I was (mostly) sad to say good-bye to. : ) We did manage some fun (though largely picture-less)...

We played in the backyard before it got miserably hot:

We played some golf.
 We did a little equipment repair with the golf club. : )

We celebrated Mother's Day. I got this awesome Royal Wedding "little people" set that I fell in love with while watching Will and Kate's nuptials. Thanks, Jeremy. : )

I flew to Chicago to see my nephew Parker graduate from high school. (No, I can't believe he is old enough to graduate.) Congratulations, Parker!

We also had some semi-big Luke developments. Mid-month, we returned to see Luke's developmental pediatrician at the Child Study Center. We had a great appointment in which Dr. Rodrigues expressed great optimism about Luke's progress and she answered MANY of our questions. (You know me - I went in with a three-paged typed sheet of questions. And a tape recorder. I guess God had a reason for giving me such OCD-esque tendencies, huh? =D) Dr. Rodrigues patiently answered our questions for an hour. I can't say enough good things about her; if you ever need to see a developmental pediatrician, she is the perfect blend of expertise in her field and empathy for parents and children. LOVE her!

And yet, not all can be so great - she also suggested something that turned out to be our LOW point of the month: a genetic blood test for Luke. Without getting too elaborate, she suggested we get Luke tested for genetic disorders that sometimes occur in children with autism (Fragile X primarily) and to have high- and low-resolution chromosome analyses to see if he has any additional pieces of DNA or lacks any strands of DNA that might indicate other potential health issues. (For real, if you're confused, I am too. I did my best explaining...) I tell you what: getting Luke's blood drawn for those tests was, without question, one of the worst, most exhausting, and upsetting experiences Jeremy and I have ever had, and certainly that Luke has ever had. Awful. But, a month later, we have found out that Luke's DNA is normal. Hooray! And, most importantly: no more blood work for now. Thank God!

In a nutshell - that's May. If you are a Facebook friend, you know that I've had a month's worth of crazy today for a June post, but for now, I'll say goodnight. : )

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