Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day Out with Thomas - April, 2015

For at least the third time (but Kate's first), we went to the Day Out with Thomas the Train when he rolled into Grapevine. Since Kate has a big brother - and his old toys - she loves "Choo Choo," as she calls him. She loves to play with the toy trains, and she loves to watch the actual TV show. We figured she would enjoy the trip for sure, but we didn't know how stoked Luke would be. 

Before we left, I took some pictures, because both kids have actually gotten much better about staying still, saying CHEESE, and getting their picture taken. Hallelujah! 

Within minutes of arriving, Jeremy and I adopted a man-to-man defense scheme. Luke and I visited the train set. 

He quickly lost interest.

Somehow, we kept them contained enough to get these pics.

The gift shop, not surprisingly, was a favorite of the kids, but we. bought. NOTHING. It's only taken 6.5+ years, but Jeremy and I finally might be developing backbones. :)

Luke tolerated a hand tattoo - awesome! 

On the train! This was the best pic we could get side by side of them. Kate wouldn't sit still, and Luke was kind of unimpressed. (Don't let Kate's sober expression here fool you: she was GIDDY about riding the train!) 

The Percy sticker kept her pretty enamored, which is good because quite honestly, the little train trip doesn't exactly boast the greatest scenery. :)

Kate thought this rideable Thomas was the! 

In conclusion: not a home run for us this year, but that's okay. We hear the Polar Express train ride is epic - we will be there, decked out in our Christmas jammies, in December! :)

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