Monday, June 8, 2015

Kindergarten, Schmindergarten - Bring on First Grade!

It's so hard to believe that the school year is over! It doesn't seem like long ago at all that I was worried about how Luke would do, wondering if his teachers and support would be as wonderful as what he had in PPCD. Thankfully, God is so faithful, and we couldn't be happier to be at Luke's school. Jeremy and I are so proud of our sweet boy! 

The end of school year brought many changes to the routine - largely, this rattled Luke, but there were some awesome parts, like the Camp Gladiator obstacle course day. Luke had a BLAST! 

The kindergarteners closed the year with a success ceremony. Each class sang a song about things they had learned. Luke's in the far right corner with one of his teachers keeping him in place*. 

*I'm not trying to be a jerk here, I promise. But these success ceremonies with young kids with all the performances... what's up with this? I mean, obviously my experience is only with my child with autism, for whom standing still for so long is just about torture. But all the musical numbers... are all schools vying for a Tony Award? SO. MANY. SONGS. 

Here's Luke with his award certificates. So proud of him: he read 25 books outside of school this year! With full-time school and 12 hours of ABA therapy a week, this was no small feat! As always, I'm so proud of Luke's sweet spirit and work ethic.

After the success ceremony, we walked to a nearby park for a picnic and some time on the playground. I'm not publishing all of the pictures because I never got parents' permission, but one sweet girl from Luke's class "mother henned" him the whole time. Could not have been sweeter. Moreover, she was so helpful, because Kate was with me, and she had no qualms inserting herself into all of the six year olds' business!

The Grapevine Police Department brought a squad car for the kids to check out. Luke loved it. Got in it several times. I genuinely hope he never spends time in a police car again! :)

Finally, here's my big boy on the very last day of school. 

 That sweet smile conveys so much confidence - in what he's learned and in how he's loved. We couldn't be more thankful for his phenomenal teachers, therapists, and paraprofessionals and how they have supported him this school year. We've seen Luke grow so much this year, and we can't wait to see what first grade brings!

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