Monday, July 13, 2015

Yay simmin!

Miss Kate sure has been a little fish this summer. Not surprisingly, she is FEARLESS. I pretty much put her Puddle Jumper on her and she's all over the place!

No, unfortunately, she won't swim in goggles - it sure would help me stress less about her contact lens in the pool! The good news is that she has swum with her lens in several times with absolutely no problems. Woo hoo! 

If I would let her, we would swim every day. Whenever we're in the car, I can hear her little voice in the back: "Honey Gwand's. Go simmin. YAY SIMMIN." Last Sunday she cried on the whole ride to church because we weren't going swimming. It's hard to be Kate. ;)

She's responded well to my coaching... Luke, that is. The first time we hit the pool this summer, I was reminding Luke: "swim swim swim! Kick kick kick! Use your muscles!" 

Soon I hear Kate motoring around the pool: "oose a mussels." CUTEST. THING. EVER.

And in case you didn't think I was serious about her fearlessness: here she is jumping off the diving board. At 25 months old. 

This is a screenshot from a video Mom sent me my last day in France. My reply: "OMG. I am so scared of raising her." This girl knows NO FEAR. Lord help Jeremy and me. 

But in the meantime, when it's hot outside and we need to cool off, we can get on our suits and say "YAY SIMMIN!" :)

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