Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of the First Grade

I can hardly believe that my boy is in FIRST GRADE! 

As he does throughout the school year, Luke worked really hard this summer, attending BWF every day at least from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. every day. I took a picture of him at the start of summer and on his last day of Academy - his physical growth is evident, and I love his confident smile! 

August 24 was the first day! I attempted the Facebook-popular "hold a sign with your grade" tactic. I should have made Luke rehearse. This is the best I got. 

Getting some sustenance...

Walking in with Daddy. How sweet is this picture?

Our first grade pose by the school sign.

We walked Luke inside, and he was GIDDY. He was thrilled a few days earlier when we were on campus to meet his teacher, but seeing him so happy again made us so thrilled, too. His special ed teacher greeted us at the door and led him to his class line. He sat right down - so thrilled for some blessed structure. :)

I couldn't be happier with his first grade teaching team (Ms. Fowler and Mrs. Helms) as well as his special education team who are all back from last year, PRAISE GOD! (I have actually forbidden Mrs. Sutton, his SpEd teacher, from moving until he is in sixth grade... unless she wants to follow him to middle school.) Jeremy often says of our school, Grapevine Elementary, "I think we're getting away with something," because everything always goes so well. We feel so included, supported, and confident always that Luke is a priority. We are overwhelmed with God's provision for our sweet boy! It's going to be another great year for our favorite GES Star! :)

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