Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summertime, 2015

Oh summer of 2015. How did we spend you?

We spent a lot of time in the car taking Luke to school (WoodallKids Academy).

Some kids age 6-7 lose teeth at that age. Luke gained two - here is the first of his two "shark teeth" emerging earlier this summer.

We went to the dentist. (This is Luke's turn... Kate's standing at the door, so concerned. "I want Wuuuuuuuuuke.")

We got our bangs trimmed just way, WAY too short. :/

We ate lots of ice cream.

We sat still long enough to watch all of Inside Out (and ate about four pounds of Cheetos in the process).

We helped Mommy pack for her trip to Paris.

We saw movies - or at least attempted to. (The longest Kate made it was about 30 minutes.)
More ice cream. :)

We loooooooved to color.
We went to the CR Smith museum.

Did I mention we spent a lot of time in the car?

We went to the Ranger game. (Well, the boys did.)

We did a lot of shopping. (Well, the girls did.)

We played in the backyard.

...And in the house.

We fell in love with "minnins."

More backyard play...

We were silly.

...and sometimes serious.

We shared... this one time. :)

We had our third eye surgery. Kate is so brave!

We helped Mommy never ever feel alone. Ever.

We closed the summer with some fun at a park and splash pad. 

And we enjoyed some DQ. 

We had highs, we had lows, but we had our sweet family every step of the way. I love our little team so very much! 

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