Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Luke is 7!!!!

When I was pregnant for the first time, people gave me one piece of advice more than any other: "enjoy it, because it goes by so fast." 

I was naive and just thought, "oh old people, you're so funny." 

Well I blinked and went from this... 

...to this seven year old boy. 


We celebrated as a family at Dave and Busters. Jeremy and I put a lot of thought into being sure we celebrated this day Luke's way and not impose any shoulds onto it. That's kind of the way with autism... you fight a constant battle between helping your child reaching milestones same-aged peers achieve easily and allowing your child to be his true self. All that said - we opted against the structured party with classmates and sitting still and opening presents and singing and instead went for something we knew Luke would love - running around D&B like a lunatic. :)

When we got back to our house, we opened presents and experienced a gift to us all when Luke opened what we got him. I'll allow Jeremy's Facebook post screenshot to explain. :)

Over the past week or so, we noticed Luke had discovered there is a Where's Waldo Wii game (based on his Internet searches. In related news: Luke can spell and search for things on Google!). We ordered it, and like Jeremy said, seeing Luke open a present and show absolute GLEE for what was inside - well, let's just say he wasn't the only one who got a great gift that day. :)

Happy 7th Birthday, Lucas James! You are so, so, SO very loved!

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