Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kate Starts MDO!

Kate started MDO today. While we loved where we went last year (Sonshine Academy at First Colleyville), this year I chose to put Kate in Kids at the Cross preschool. It's a little closer to home, the times are more convenient, and she's in class with her sweet cousins Harper and Carson! I was so impressed at Parent Orientation last week, and I think Kate will have a great year! 

Here she is this morning before school. 

She just had to color some Minions before we left. 

I wasn't able to get a picture of her at drop off because it was a mad house. She was a little whimpery when I left, but I snuck a look in the room a few minutes later and she was smiling and looking around. 

Her teacher texted me this picture several hours in...

and with this message: "Kate is so so so precious! We are having a really great first day! She warmed up real quick to all her friends and has had a lot of fun!" 

I'm really proud of her! She had a great day, and she even stayed still on her mat during rest/nap time. She was all smiles when I picked her up. I hope she fares as well on Thursday! 

Even though this girl makes me darn-near certifiably insane much of the time, I sure did miss my buddy today! I do know, however, that she is going to learn so much and make sweet friends! I'm so excited for my girl to have something that's just for her. :)

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