Thursday, January 31, 2013

January: Goal Goal Goal!

While I was a blog-updating machine over Christmas break, as I could have predicted, the return to work slowed my blogging pace down... but the life pace way, way up! Luke started a brand new schedule (which I wrote about here), so all of our lives have been a little different. I am happy to report that Luke has done a FANTASTIC job in his new school! 

His first day was the 8th. Jeremy and I both went to drop him off, and I think this threw him off, so he was a bit whimpery and whiny about going (and, to be honest, I cried the whole way to work). Day 2 was slightly similar, but ever since, Jeremy tells me that Luke practically pulls his arm out of socket dragging him to the door! He loves his new class, an his amazing teacher has been so fantastic about emailing me updates, pictures, and videos about how he's doing. Specifically, she has said that he's doing an amazing job following directions - he's really fit right in with his class! We are so thrilled. Some highlights...

Show and Tell

So on Fridays, Luke has show and tell. This has meant that on several Thursday nights, his "intelligent" parents struggle like morons trying to find small, household objects that start with the letter of the week. Our first week's assignment, K, had us totally powerless. Here's a shameful admission: I googled "household objects that start with K." Thank God we remembered an alphabet puzzle, or Luke would have brought a pocket pack of Kleenex! Fortunately, we were able to track down a "kangawoo, wizard, and monkey."

Our Problem Solver
Here's a picture Ms. Mary sent from a day the kids worked on creating patterns. Her report: "This was pretty cool.  We made diagonal patterns today.  After the kids got started, I would ask them to continue their pattern at any given corner and give them directions to go up or down, right or left.  I wanted to see if they would realize that the pattern always stayed the same!! Look at Luke!!!  He was one of the best!!" 

*Swoon* We LOVED hearing that! And look at how cute and studious he looks! :)

"Ice" Skating

Here's a video of Luke in beast mode as he and his classmates "ice skate" on wax paper. We got another message that was music to our words: "it was difficult for some kids, but not for Luke!" I really do not mean to sound like a snob or one of those braggy parents... but from where we've started, it's really edifying to hear about him doing as well as or even better than typically-developing peers at assorted activities. We are so thankful and SO proud of him!

We've even seen some great progress from him at home, too. He's been much more interactive and has done a fantastic job following instructions. He's been more vocal (heck, even a little bossy) about his requests. (His favorite: "I want Wii!" He's loving the Wii Family Feud that Santa brought.) But he has looooved soccer, much to his Daddy's joy. Daddy bought a junior goal for the backyard. Luke has showcased some nice dribbling skills...

 And here he is scoring a goal:

It's been a month of achieving lots of goals for our Luke! How awesome is he?

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