Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Luke's Big Break

Happy New Year, everyone! It's hard to believe - yet very easy to understand - that it is 2013. The older I get, the bigger the paradox that the days sometimes go by slowly, filled with so many tasks, but the weeks and months FLY by. Before you know it, a new year begins. Absolutely crazy! 

The way the dates have fallen this year, we have already had a week off of work/school, and I still have almost another full week off before I go back. (HALLELUJAH!!! Though thoughts of all that I have to do to prepare for maternity leave has me stressing... so let's just return to happier thoughts, shall we? =D) Luke returns to "little school" tomorrow, so it had me reflecting on his holiday. I've said a lot in previous posts about our various Christmas celebrations, but here's some more about what we've been up to this Christmas break.

I'll be candid: there's been a lot of cabin fever - lots of time at home relaxing. I don't feel bad about this, as Luke works a lot harder than most kids his age with all-day schooling, so darn it, he gets a break, too. But since Jeremy and I both had time off of work, we did a lot at home as a family... things that, to be candid, I resolve to do more often in the new year. We played games. We did puzzles. We even did crazy things like paint - turns out, Daddy's t-shirts make a magnificent smock! 

But we ventured out a good bit, too! There were lots of open jumps at Jumps for Fun, so we hit that up one day. 

It was awesome to see Luke break out of his "loops" and really try out every bounce house. (In previous trips, he'd really focus on one or two things. Not this time!)

Luke's Uncle Johnny and Aunt Jackie got him a little Lego Duplo set, and Luke really took to it. So on the night of December 30th, when Luke was particularly wheels off and we KNEW that despite the cold, rainy weather, we had to get OUT of the house, Jeremy came up with an idea: why not go to Legoland? 

And so yesterday we headed out to Grapevine Mills and braved the crowd. Luke was elated to walk in puddles, let alone see Legoland. Clearly, we needed to get out of the house. : ) 

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but in short: two thumbs WAY UP for the Legoland Discovery Center at Grapevine Mills. 

There were lines involved (even though we bought our tickets the night before), but Luke was a super trooper. 

They wisely had places to play while you waited.

 And, after the stand in line parts, there were free-for-all play places, like this lego pit.
"Mr. Giraffe, you just need one little piece. A saddle maybe?"

"Your kid is so ugly, Lisa," said no one EVER.

I think Luke's favorite was this giant play land. I somehow managed not to hyperventilate as he made his way through it over an over. He LOVED it!
Here's Jeremy with Lego Dirk. (It's weird to see him with 'people' that are taller than him.)
And finally, they had a room with miniature lego DFW landmarks. This was my favorite. I will spare you all the pictures, but here are our local sports stadiums. 

Pretty cool, huh? 

Afterwards, we went to grab a late lunch at Cracker Barrel. YUM. It hit the spot after a busy but fun morning!

I'd say our Luke has had a great break, wouldn't you? 

Tomorrow he returns to "work" for four days of ABA therapy. I think he'll be excited - as much as he loves free time, I think he misses the structure of a normal day. But we do ask for your prayers since Luke's schedule will be changing in a big way starting January 8! We were delighted (though surprised) when his PPCD teachers suggested back in November that Luke move up to the inclusion class. So, starting the 8th, Luke's day will flip-flop: in the morning, he will go to "big school" (school district-sponsored), and in the afternoon, he'll head to Brent Woodall for ABA therapy. The biggest change here is that now Luke's day will include time with typically-developing peers. This is a huge change and a big milestone - certainly a long way away from where we were two years ago! He will have a chance to practice speech not just with adult teachers and therapists, but also with kids his age. The switch to attending BWF in the afternoon means he'll get to do less one-on-one therapy and more peer partner and peer group work. This is a BIG deal... but we think there may be growing pains. Please pray for Luke and his parents as we navigate this change. (It will also involve an earlier start to our day and a later conclusion to it... I think we may be tired for a few weeks!)

I think one reason I take so long to update the blog is that my updates are SO LONG! Thanks for reading, and I hope you and yours have a wonderful 2013!

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