Thursday, March 14, 2013

Updates: 33 and 34-week appointments and 35th birthday

So... how amazing is this picture?!?! Here is our baby girl at my 33-week appointment on March 1. I zoomed in so you can really see those chubby cheeks. We think she looks like her big brother. I know Luke is skinny, but you catch him asleep with his face against a pillow, and he looks a lot like this. Well, not entirely like this - he can't put his foot up to his forehead like that! :)

The BIG thing to report from my appointment is that this is a BIG girl. Estimates could be as many as two pounds off, but the sonogram estimated her at 6 lbs and 1 oz. At 33 weeks. Let's just talk about what a giant that makes me feel like! But the most important thing is that she is as healthy as she can be. (I also had a sonogram on March 8, and while they didn't measure her again, she got a perfect score on her biophysical profile. So a)already an academic over-achiever like her parents ;D and b)makes me feel better about her being a tiny Amazon.) I believe they will measure her again at my sonogram tomorrow, so I'm curious to see how much she's grown. 

Let's see, what else... on 3/5, I turned 35. Finally - I arrived at the actual birthdate that officially puts me at ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE. (Great news - only three more appointments to hear about this! =P) I took a personal day off of work to just relax. If you're a fan of the TV show Parks and Rec, you may know about Treat Yo'Self Tuesday. Well, my birthday WAS on a Tuesday, so this was the theme I chose. I started with an indulgent breakfast (cinnabon), bought a fancy-pants diaper bag (see below), shopped for some other fun things for baby and nursery, ate lunch and read a book FOR LEISURE... just a nice, slow-paced day. It was glorious. 

Not much else scoop for now, really. The plan remains the same: I will not go far past 38 weeks, so this baby will be here the first week of April at the latest. AMAZING! We can't wait! :) In fact, a recent Panda Express fortune was pretty much spot-on... 

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