Monday, March 25, 2013

36-Week Appointment: The Countdown to Baby Girl Roberts is On!

Before I post anything about my most recent doctor's appointment, I have to give two quick but sincere thank yous to Jeremy's company, Infinitude Creative Group, and dear old GHS (where I went to school and now teach) for throwing us baby showers over the past few weeks. Both occasions meant so much to us - it's so great that Jeremy and I both have great professional families who are supportive and caring during this special time.

The Infinitude shower was over my Spring Break. Like a darn fool, I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but I did enjoy this "decor" that greeted us in the conference room for our lunch: 

Yes - babies ARE important and urgent. :)

We enjoyed Freebirds lunch (see? Great people here!), cake, presents, and fun times. It was brief - they all had to get back to work, and Luke and I had to get back to Spring Break, but they were so generous in getting us, among other things, our swanky new video baby monitor. Thank y'all! 

My work friends at GHS had a diaper shower for me last week. Of course I did get some bows and outfits - it seems people just can't resist buying baby girl clothes :D - but we got tons of diapers. HOORAY! (Seriously - my mother is so relieved.) Again, I'm kicking myself because I took NO pictures of this event, but to those of you who celebrated with me (and those who were there in spirit but were off tutoring and what not) - thank you for thinking of our family and making me feel special! I love that I work somewhere that also feels like home.

Okay, so I've buried the lead, so I'll get to the synopsis of the Friday appointment: 

  • Baby Girl is, based on her most recent sonogram, approximately 7 lbs 14 oz. Yup - I grow giants.
  • She once again scored 8 of 8 on her BPP (biophysical profile) - she is perfectly healthy! 
  • Here's the main thing: I'm waiting to get official word from our hospital, but she will arrive no later than April 4, when I will have an appointment for an induction (if she doesn't decide to make her appearance before then)! 
In a word... WOW! We are excited, elated, and a little overwhelmed. My due date is April 16, so she's going to be early. Given her size AND, more importantly, her overall health, I'm okay with that. : )

My last day of work will be this Thursday. I'm quite ready. I love my kids and love my job, but I'm eager to focus entirely on my family for a few weeks. I still have a decent number of odds and ends to take care of on the work front before this week ends, but they'll get done. And if this little diva decides to arrive earlier, I know my amazing teammates will get my back. 

And yes - we are probably 90% sure on what her name will be, but we want to see her and be sure it fits, so please be patient. You'll have to wait, at most, ten more days. :)

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