Monday, September 9, 2013

5 Years Old and 5 Months Old

September 3 marked a big day - Luke turned 5 years old, and Kate turned 5 months old!

Birthday week was a busy one. Luke had several appointments - all well visits - which meant we spent some time in doctors' offices. Here's Luke checking out the aquarium at Dr. Scott's office. I like to think of this as the calm before the storm. As soon as that nurse says, "Lucas," he collapses into a puddle of tears. Soooo fun. x-(

Luke's birthday week also marked his first soccer game! While Luke loves the Real Soccer game on the iPhone, he isn't as focused when it comes to the real thing. But... doesn't he look too precious in his uniform?

While Daddy needed to corral him when it came to game time, Luke had the snack and Capri Sun break totally under control.

The birthday celebration culminated with a party at Chuck E. Cheese, and that deserves its own post! 

Meanwhile, Katherine Anne turned five months old! Time is just a-flying!

As you can see, Kate has a sturdy base to go along with her big ole cheeks. She is full of smiles - we are having so much fun with our little princess and, of course, our big prince! We're so thankful for our precious family! :)

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