Sunday, July 14, 2013

Staycation Round 2: The Fort Worth Zoo

Our first local destination of staycation was the Fort Worth Zoo. I'm pretty embarrassed to say that this was our first visit in Luke's almost five years... : (. I know. Y'all, I'm good at other things. 

Other things I'm good at: not taking enough pictures to do justice our experiences. I was so busy enjoying the sights that I really barely took any pictures, which is a shame! (I was also either pushing Kate around or trying to contain Luke, who is tall enough, if unattended, to climb in with the animals. I was terrified he was going to at least three times. 

Here are Luke and Daddy checking out a tiger. Yes, there is glass separating them.  

Here is Luke waiting for a show to begin. (He really was into the zoo, but in his defense, it was very hot. That said, I was so impressed with the Fort Worth Zoo, since there were so many indoor and shaded areas that it really was not too difficult to bear).
Here is sweet Kate. She was a good sport, provided that we kept the stroller moving. She's demanding, this one. Gotta keep things moving for our little princess.

This is a wind tunnel you could pay to step into. It simulated the powerful winds of... well, honestly, I don't remember. But Luke thought it was the best ever, and it provided a nice respite from the heat. :)
Even though I am lame and didn't take enough pictures, I give the FW Zoo two thumbs WAY up, and we are planning on playing hookey sometime this fall so we can return when it isn't so hot! 

The next day of our staycation we stayed closer to home and went swimming at Honey and Grand's. There, Kate met her cousin Halle for the first time. Aren't they going to be such good friends? 

Next staycation stop - Glenrose! Stay tuned...

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