Saturday, July 13, 2013

Staycation Stop 1: Winona!

The second week of July brought a much-needed staycation for our family. While I've had lots of time with Luke and Kate, Jeremy has been very busy at work. Fortunately, he took a week off, and since we didn't think it would be the best idea to go to a big destination with a newborn, we opted instead to make some little trips. Our first stop was to go to Jeremy's parents' in Winona. We had a great weekend. 

First thing's first: I hope that typing this doesn't jinx it, but we have the BEST kids on car trips. Kate slept the whole drive, and Luke was as chill as always just checking out the scenery. We are so fortunate!

 Luke and Grandma played a little Cariboo Island shortly after we arrived and had some lunch.

Aunt Michelle came over and finally got to meet Kate, who celebrated with jazz hands. :)

And a day of running around on Grandma and Grandpa's property just tuckered Luke out...! I was amazed (and a little thrilled; I'm not going to lie. :D) 
The next day brought some more fun. Kate got some quality tummy time in and had a blast playing with her grandparents. 

Since Luke had cabin fever, we took him to the elementary school playground (which was VERY impressive - we can't wait to go back when it isn't as hot as the surface of the sun).

He loved the see saw.

 See? Check out all the options!

As always, the swings were a favorite. 

And best of all? All this play and the fun day that preceded it left Luke quiet on the car ride home, too!

It's always so nice to get outside the city and relax at Pete and Donna's. We rested, ate far too much, and had a great visit. It was a great kickoff to a wonderful staycation!

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