Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th: Some BIG Days!

We really squeezed quite a bit into our first couple of weeks of July, starting with a great play date with the Henry girls at the nearby splash pad.

This was early in our visit, which was first thing in the morning, and during a glorious week of unseasonably cool weather. Sweet Grace and Evelyn were cold and tired of the splash pad quickly. Luke, on the other hand, was undaunted by the cool temperatures. He could have played all day.

Kate just chillaxed in her stroller. Snug as a bug.

Some girls came over to Luke (who had picked his spot). I'm telling y'all, at some point, some smart girl is going to realize that Luke is a)cute and, even better b)quiet most of the time - the perfect man. I'm going to have to be on the lookout! x)

I've known Kelly forEVER, and it's always great to see her, but now that we've both found ourselves on the journey of special needs parenting, it's even better to get together with someone who just gets it. Our visit was short, but it was so great to spend whatever time together we could, and we will definitely get together next time she's in Grapevine... and if I ever head to Houston.

On July 3, Kate turned three months old. You can read about that here. :)

But that's not all that happened on that eventful day - July 3 marked the arrival of my niece, Hallie Mae! She was considerate enough to arrive three months to the day of Kate's birth. ;) I just cannot wait to see the buddies Kate and Hallie become. Here is the sweet pea! 

I can tell you this much: holding that sweet little Hallie was a very concrete reminder of how quickly time flies, because Kate seemed GINORMOUS in comparison! 

Next we had the fourth of July! Before celebrating my cousin Hunter's 21st birthday (AGAIN... talk about time FLYING...!), I boldly attempted some brother-sister pictures. They're just too funny not to post.

Take 1: Luke is looking at the camera, but Kate looks... less than comfortable. 

Take 2: Let's try to adjust... 

Take 3: Awww... Luke says "all done." 

Got to show off Kate's sweet outfit:
You can't really tell from the picture, but those are bell bottom-esque pants, and they are so cute that it feels like God is high fiving your heart when you look at them. And that's pretty cute. : ) 

And finally, get ready for a trend for the coming year: HOLIDAY onesie stickers! (Yes, I had some fun on Etsy.)

So much July fun, and we haven't even staycationed yet?!?! Lots more to come about our summer fun!

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