Sunday, December 12, 2010

Around the House

What a crazy time of year it is - it's so hard to find pockets of time to do the little things like maintain this blog!

I've got several candids of Luke doing what he does around the house. Some highlights:

1. Lately, he just LOVES this particular part from one of his Elmo videos that's also on I have started to close the office door, or else he'll be in there all the time, climb up in the chair, and let me hear it until I put Abby Cadabby on. When I do, he just smiles. So precious!

2. Next, it warms my English teacher heart that Luke has finally taken an interest in books! I didn't push it for a while; I figure pushing anything with a stubborn one like Lukie is the surest way to get him to resist reading forever. But now, he'll pick up his books and "read" them. HOORAY!

3. It's starting to get cold (at least in the mornings; it's not too bad by afternoon), so I really bundle Luke up before school. I love this picture, not only because he's wearing a winter hat, which are inherently hilarious and awesome, but also because the camera flash off of his backpack's reflective gear makes him look like a pint-sized super hero. I mean really, he kind of is!

4. Finally, like his mother, Luke is a multi-tasker. Sometimes you want to drink your milk AND play with your iPod*, and if that means you have to suffer from getting your Nasonex sprayed simultaneously, so be it.

I'm hoping to post again later today with our Christmas decorations and, if we make it to the mall, Luke's picture with Santa**, but now, it's time to get ready for church. Have a great Sunday!

*To be fair, it isn't Luke's iPod, but it reins him in when little else can. Please don't judge us. :)
**I have VERY LOW expectations for the Santa picture. I think it will be much more like his second Santa pic than it will resemble his first Santa pic. We shall see...

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