Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Luke Visits Santa!

Today, Luke went to get his picture taken with Santa. Before I continue blogging, I'll share a few lessons Jeremy and I learned:
  1. You should DEFINITELY not wait until December 23 to do this. We will definitely be ahead of the crowds next year.
  2. We will not EVER leave the other to do this alone. Watching solo parents try to corral 2+ kids was sobering and terrifying.
  3. The more that people that tell you how perfectly your child behaves during the two-plus hour wait, the more horrendously he'll behave once you get home.
  4. Always ask if part of the mall Santa experience includes fake snow. That way, you'll be prepared to play defense when fifty tons of fake snow topples onto your heads and into your bags. Oops.

We got in line at 12:20. By 1:00, we were #2... but Santa took his milk and cookie break until 2:oo p.m. Drat! Luke was a trooper though, as you shall see...

12:20 - Let's do this!

1:20 - Still excited! A little waiting can't hold me down! 1:30 - Sleeping in heavenly peace... 1:56 - On deck! 2:05 - It's official...

We wish you all a Merry Christmas! More pictures to come in the next few days... or, perhaps more likely, within the next week.

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