Saturday, December 6, 2008

Offically 3 Months Old... and Officially Sick

I turn three-months old, and all I get is a nasty cold?!? This stinks!!!

The last week has been rough on our Little Man. He's had some road trips for the Thanksgiving holiday, a doctor's appointment, his two-month shots, a couple of nights without Dad (who was on a business trip), and an emergency room visit! Yowza!
Let's start with the Thanksgiving holiday. It was wonderful, but the travel and schedule flip-flopping brought havoc to Luke's tummy and overall well-being. We spent Turkey Day with the Calverts (my Mom's family) and took an overnight trip to Winona on Friday and Saturday to see Jeremy's parents, Pete and Donna, and Luke's Aunt Michelle and cousins Brent and Halle. Luke wowed all who met him and behaved wonderfully despite taking a two-hour car trip for two days in a row. Naturally, he was a bit of a disaster on Sunday, but that was to be expected. Or at least that's what I told myself...

Well, fast forward to Tuesday, when Luke went to the doctor to get his ears checked, assess his progress with the soy formula, and get his two month shots. His ears were all clear, and we got a thumb's up on the soy formula. Then the poor little baby got his immunizations. The nurse who gave him the shots was magnificently fast. By the time he realized he had gotten the first shot, she was all done. Of course, the screaming wasn't done, but our brave little fellow handled himself quite well.

I'll just cut to the important stuff: I noticed Luke was coughing on Wednesday night. It didn't improve by Friday, and it was too late to go to his pediatrician, so we went to the ER to get his lungs looked at. Two x-rays and a nose-swab later, he was diagnosed with RSV, a very common virus for infants. It should last 5-8 days, and I think it is far harder on Jeremy and me than it is on Luke. He's really congested and coughing, but his spirits are pretty good. He's still his normal, smiley self early in the day, and he's jibber jabbering with us like normal. Nevertheless, he's pretty snoozy thanks to his medicine, so I didn't exactly get stellar pictures today. It's funny; I had hoped to get professional photos taken this weekend. Perhaps I will next weekend, if I'm not too frightened to take him out of the house. That, or his pro pics will be in a hazmat suit. : ) Oh well - here is what I do have for you now:
Official bear/chair pic. I took his socks off to highlight his ski-like feet.

Luke taking part in tummy time. It's not his favorite, but we try to get him excited about it. Great success, as you can see here. = \

Here's Luke bundled up to go to Sandra's Friday morning. This may be my new favorite picture. How adorable is he?

Lastly, our big boy holding himself up in his Bumbo seat! So strong!

That's all for now. Please say a prayer for our family - that Luke recovers as quickly as possible, and that Jeremy and I stay level-headed and as well-rested as possible so we can get him well!


The Three Tenners said...

I can't believe he can sit in his Bumbo! He keeps chaging all the time. So sorry you had to make a trip to the ER, but always better to be safe than sorry!

Becca said...

I hope Luke feels better soon! I LOVE the cute little bundled up picture with his warm hat precious!