Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Ears" to Luke!

I acknowledge my dorky pun in the post title, but I tried "Luke's Got Ear Tubes!" first, and that sounded like a possible deformity. Anyway, today, Luke had a successful surgery to put tubes in his ears... hooray! He came through like a champion, just like he did with his ABR. Luke has been such a brave, patient, well-behaved boy through all of his ear-oriented doctor visits. Hopefully the insertion of these tubes will help his ears get and stay fluid-free, and he can built on some of the great progress he's making towards finally talking! 

Here's the little guy before we left this house this morning at about 6:40. This look says, "I'm up too early, and I've not been provided breakfast. Something tells me I'm going to end up grumpy."

Our ABR exprience at Cook Children's in Fort Worth went so smoothly that we were afraid Children's Hospital in Dallas wouldn't keep up. Luckily, we were not disappointed - we had a super-smooth morning! Shortly after we arrived, we got set up in our hospital-issued jammies and medical bracelet. And yes, of course, the hospital jammie pants were short. That's what happens when your kid is a giant!

When the native got really restless, his nurses were nice enough to let us go back to the lobby for Luke to play. He was thankful...
...until he saw daylight and  tried to make a run for it. However, a wardrobe malfunction slowed his pace. (By the way - how freakin' awesome is it that I actually got this picture? I'm so excited.)

This isn't a great picture, but the clock behind Luke was one of the first things he played with before we checked in. Jeremy was sitting with him and saying all the numbers, and when he got to 8, Luke went "ay-t." SERIOUSLY. Leave it to him to say a word the day of surgery, but whatever. I'll take it!

Finally, here's our tired boy post-procedure. He's way woozier today than he was with the ABR. He's napping now; we may have an afternoon of sleep and a loooong night without, but as long as he got through the procedure just fine, I can go without (more) sleep. : )

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support for today and leading up to it! We're so thankful for our wonderful friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving!

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