Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spend Christmas Eve with my parents, brothers, and, if they're in town, sisters. This year it was Mom and Dad (a.k.a. Honey and Grand), Johnny and Jackie (and their dog, Buzz), Chris, and Team Roberts, minus Hannah. Before we headed to Mom and Dad's, we were sure to celebrate a treasured tradition: adorning Hannah in humiliating holiday gear.

Because he had been sick and I wanted him to rest, Luke headed over to Honey and Grand's in one pair of Christmas PJs...

(By the way, I hated that Luke was sick, but one thing I did enjoy was that he didn't really have the energy to fight off hats the way he normally does. Isn't this one adorable?)

And, after dinner and a bath, was sporting another pair!  
After an amazing Mexican dinner, it was time for the big rip!
The first thing Luke opened was a sticker book from Granny. As you can see from the giant stack of gifts behind him, the sticker book captivated him for quite a while, and we had to redirect him to open other gifts! When we did, though, he found the tunnel Honey and Grand got him. It also came with a tent... I bet they are going to have some fun in there in 2011!

We had a wonderful time with family, and we headed home to see what Santa Claus brought the next morning...!

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