Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby (Too Cold...)

Poor Luke started his Christmas break with a nasty virus - a cold with a day of some barfing in there - no fun for anyone. But since he was barfy Tuesday, I hoped that by Thursday, he would feel well enough to enjoy Ice at the Gaylord Texan. Well... not so much. Combine the fact that Luke had little to nothing to eat or drink for the previous 36 hours with the dose of Dimetapp I gave him that morning, and the result? Pictures of Luke looking like he had been doing keg stands at a frat party. Seriously. See for yourself...

Poor fellow. As if he wasn't feeling weird enough, then he had to put on a gigantic coat!  

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures inside the exhibit. We were too concerned with making it through and out in time to make his doctor's appointment we scheduled while waiting in line. However, as would be the case with anyone, being in a 9 degree room snapped him from his fog. Some cool air and some swigs of juice put him back in fighting shape.

Those are those big, alert, blue peepers I like to see!

We took Luke to the doctor, where his strep test was negative... thank goodness! But when we got home from that, guess who had caught the barfs? ME. Ugh. We missed the Christmas celebration with the Calverts that night, but fortunately, we recovered in time for Christmas Eve and Day. As I write, we're both back to 95-ish percent. (Luke's really gotten his appetite back. He's more than making up for the two pounds he lost!)

More Christmas posts to follow! I'm waiting for that stubborn boy to hit the hay. An hour in that bed, and I'm still hearing chitter chatter on the baby monitor...

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