Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

The very BEST thing about Christmas this year was easily finally seeing some smiles on Luke's face after several days of feeling sick and puny!

Here are the cookies we left Santa...

Here's how much Santa enjoyed them!

And finally, here is Luke's Santa score!

Not at all surprisingly, Luke was really enthralled with the tent and tunnel... so much so that we took advantage of his time in their to open our presents really quickly. Luke loved crawling into the tent...
 ...and working his way out of it with a ball in hand. BTW: Santa did not let us know that the tent had 100 balls inside of it. Gee... thanks, Santa! ;)

Clearly, the tunnel was a big hit.
Hannah finally got into her stocking and has been enjoying about a week of special Christmas treats. Unfortunately, we have not found the  gas she has as a result of those treats quite so enjoyable. = \
Here Luke is on his tricycle. There was a lot competing for his attention, and to be honest, we haven't really had it out since Christmas, but I get the feeling this will be a big hit. He looked so impressed with himself as he sat on it!

Luke got his Daddy Elmo's A to Zoo Alphabet Wii game. As you can see, it was just as much a gift for Luke as it was for his daddy (though we both loved hearing his giggles as the game was played - that's the best gift ever!).

Next, Luke enjoys a snack break before we hit Honey and Grand's for a great lunch with our extended Calvert family.

And finally, this picture beautifully sums up Luke's feelings about Christmas:

We hope your Christmas was wonderful, too! One more holiday post to come with our trip to see Jeremy's family in Winona... got to get that done before I go back to work Monday (*sniffle*).

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