Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Hannah...

I'm going to make several posts today instead of one gigantic one since I've basically been blogless in November. I'll begin by paying some attention to Hannah, who, since roughly 15 months ago, has lacked it. So, a few hilarious Hannah pictures:

1. Hannah Claus! We've had Hannah for almost four years, and while I know she doesn't care for being dressed up, I do it anyway. Well, thanks to this $9.99 number from Target, Hannah got into the Christmas spirit... albeit unwillingly.

To those who think animals can't feel emotions like shame, I offer you this picture as substantial proof:

2. Hannah the Comforter. We had family over on the 14th to celebrate Mom's birthday and watch the Aggies play OU. You may recall it was an ass whooping of epic proportions, and my dad wasn't too happy. Hannah sensed this, and, much to Dad's chagrin, snuggled up to help him feel better.

Right now, Hannah is snuggled in the same position behind me on the office couch. She's spent five nights being boarded while we were in Jamaica, so she's a little pitiful and snuggly. Her respite is about to be interrupted, because I hear Baby Brother starting to wake up. More on him in a little bit...

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