Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fifth Anniversary Trip to Jamaica

Nothing says "Happy Anniversary" like an ocean-side, candlelight dinner. :)

Friday was our fifth wedding anniversary, so, to celebrate (and to get some much-needed R&R), we went to Jamaica for a five-day, four-night trip. It was wonderful! We did... well, nothing! It was so great. I particularly enjoyed four nights of sleep without distraction of the baby monitor*. Long story short, Jeremy and I had a great time just relaxing and enjoying each other's company without all of the mundane aspects of life to bother us. It was amazing. Now that said, we were DYING to see Luke, and we started looking into an earlier flight home more than 24 hours before we were supposed to fly out. : ) Luke's GIGANTIC smile at us last night when we picked him up was the sweetest sight we could imagine, and we are happy to be home, rejuvenated for the upcoming holiday season.

*I've decided that the baby monitor is simultaneously the best and worst invention. Over 14 months into this motherhood gig and I still jump up at any little cough or coo. It's a wonder I haven't become a full-fledged coffee drinker...

A few pictures:
This sign greeted us as we returned to our room on anniversary day.

Another picture of us at our lovely anniversary dinner by the ocean. Even the dessert was festive!

Views like this one were amazing, and we had an incredible time. So much to be thankful for this time of year: the opportunity to take such a trip, my amazing parents who so generously cared for Luke while we were gone, our health, our happy marriage, our beautiful boy, our family and friends... I could go on and on. I'm thankful for all of you who care enough about our little family to read this blog and share our joys, and I wish each of you a blessed Thanksgiving!

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