Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tough Guy Luke

I am in awe of my kids. There's really no other way to put it. Even at just 5 years and 6 months old, Luke and Kate show more resilience and strength of people many times their ages. I'm so proud to be their mommy! 

Sweet Luke has had MANY appointments since September. Most have been routine or at least not related to any illness or issue (well-visit to pediatrician, teeth cleaning, annual visit with developmental pediatrician, etc.), but a couple have been for special circumstances. Within five days, our brave guy had dental work under anesthesia and an EEG...! So nerve wracking for everyone, but honestly, our hero handled it best of all! 

Here he is the day of his dental work waiting in the lobby.

And after his cavity filling and teeth cleaning. Sweet boy was OUT! 

A few days later he had an EEG. Some context: we received a call from his school that he had what looked like an absence seizure. We called our developmental pedi's office, and they promptly ordered the EEG. Let me tell you: this was a very difficult procedure. Luke had to be sleep-deprived, and they had to basically wrap him up like a burrito to apply the 30+ nodes to his head to measure his brain waves. It was so scary for him and heartbreaking for Jeremy and me to watch. Thankfully, The Lord brought us a wonderfully compassionate and highly experienced tech in Ronnie, who took wonderful care of all of us and ensured the test went as well as possible. 

(This picture was pre-test. How cool!!) 

The best part: we have gotten a call that the results are normal! Thank you, God! 

Afterwards, we spoiled this boy rotten. French fries at 9:30, trips to the park, ice cream twice... Luke deserved all of it! 

Lucas James, you never cease to amaze me with your toughness, bravery, and sweet heart. You are such a strong, special boy! 

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