Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 is in the books! Thanks to my friend Izzy, I got into the spirit a little early at GHS Goblin Day. How creative is this costume? I'm very thankful for my sweet snow buddy. She's a new and dear friend!

Neither little Roberts was all that into Halloween if we are being honest. Kate is still so little, and Luke doesn't like candy (weird, I know), which takes away a lot or the luster. We had planned to go to our church's Trunk or Treat event, but I had a migraine that leveled me... Yuck! Our babies started their celebration at school that day. Kate (and three of her classmates) wore her cute Halloween outfit from Honey. 

Gotta rock a matching eye patch! 

Jeremy and I headed to their school to watch the costume parade. In true diva form, Kate slept. Awesome. Luke was more alert with his class of Smurf buddies! 

He was Count Smurf - because counting is the best, y'all! 

That night we headed to Honey and Grand's for treats. Kate was WORN OUT. Our little cupcake was overbaked! 

 Big brother, Captain America, wasn't too into things either with the exception of his gift, a Thomas and Friends book with toys. Score! 

It was a fun day! How can it not be when it ends with a selfie AND some sugar? 

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