Sunday, November 10, 2013

Luke Rocks

Luke's Pre-K year has had its ups and downs. One of his teachers at BWF said we are reaching a point where his progress may slow a bit since his vocabulary has increased so much that his speech processing time must increase, too. Throw in the poor kid having cavities filled under anesthesia, an EEG, and a ton of different appointments, and well, you can't blame the guy for not making huge strides. 

That said, we have learned three years into this autism odyssey that small strides ARE huge strides. We are always happy with and proud of Luke for his sweet spirit and hard work! 

Why Luke Rocks #1: he has gotten a sticker for doing a good job and having good behavior EVERY SINGLE DAY he's been at school this year. He is so awesome! 

Why Luke Rocks #2: he loves counting. Right now he can count to 100. Woo hoo! 

Why Luke Rocks #3: he does great work, like this graph his teacher sent me a picture of: 

Why Luke Rocks #4: he is gaining confidence with his fine motor skills, and his writing and drawing are getting better every day! When Luke doesn't feel confident about something, he seeks support. For a while he would only write if you were holding his hand (never mind that you aren't doing anything; he knows exactly how to write the letters, numbers, etc.). We got this message a couple of weeks ago: 

It's so light that it's hard to see, but he wrote his name by himself! Here's some other work he's done at home (all prompted): 

LUKE ROCKS!!!! We couldn't love him more! :D

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