Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seven Months Old

Big goings on in the life of our seven month old, Katherine Anne: 

-You can sit up all by yourself! Your strength amazes me!
-You have two teeth! Your bottom teeth came in just before you turned seven months old. (Left on October 25; right onOctober  28.)
-Your left eye is doing great after your second surgery! You're really tracking well. 
-You are a flirt! You just smile and smile at everyone. 
-You are a GINORMOUS mommy's girl. You want me all the time. It is mostly very sweet, though your big brother probably doesn't think so. 
-You had your first contact lens emergency at day care last Thursday. I got a call that they found your contact on the floor. I came by during lunch to clean it off and put it back in, which was slightly nerve-wracking with an audience! It's pretty miraculous that it's the first time your contact has come out in five months...! 
-You mostly have the sweetest disposition ever... Except when you don't. Consider this group portrait attempt by your teachers. Picture 1.... 

Picture 2... Notice that someone (*cough cough* you) gets grumpy... 

....and takes your buddies right into the abyss of despair with you (picture 3):

It's a good thing that you are so sweet the rest of the time, because I bet you wear your teachers out! 
(Except for when you eat anyway. One of them told me they fight over who gets to feed you because you eat everything and quickly. Kate, you love your food!) 

Here are your monthly pics: 

I'm going to have to start working more quickly; you're starting to enjoy tugging on the onesie stickers. 

Kate, you are a pure joy. We adore you! 

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