Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

I am so fortunate to work in a district where students and teachers have THE WHOLE WEEK of Thanksgiving off. What a blessing! We made the most of it! 

The 20th of November marked our ninth wedding anniversary - can you believe it? Mom was amazing as usual and stayed overnight with the kids so Jeremy and I could have an overnight date. (Let's just keep it real: we met our family deductive and out if pocket max by October 11, so we had more than enough Marriott Rewards accrued thanks to all of our credit card use. Ugh...) We went to a Mavs game - exciting and fun for us, though not a conventional anniversary celebration by any means. We had a great time! 

Seeing this will NEVER get old...

Later that weekend we attended the gorgeous wedding of my cousin Morgan and her new husband, Chris. I didn't get GREAT pictures, but our babies were so dressed up and looked darling!

Going into the days immediately before Thanksgiving, it was clear Luke was not 100%. He lacked his usual energy. When he sets himself up like so, you know things aren't right. 

And then he gets all puny in the car - so not normal. 

A trip to the pediatrician early in the week showed nothing other than a virus. We took it easy, but as Turkey Day approached, it was clear Luke wasn't ready to have the hustle-and-bustle of the normal routine. However, Kitty Kate was game, so after our morning holiday photo shoot, we went to Aunt Sussie's and Uncle Jimmy's for the annual AWESOME Thanksgiving feast! 

I don't have many pics, and the ones I have aren't great, but we got to see cousin Hallie, and cousin JD loved playing with Kate, and Kate ate his antics up! 

We had hoped Luke would be back to normal by Saturday, when we planned to take a day trip to Winona to see Jeremy's family, but he seemed as bad as he had been, so Luke and I stayed behind and hit urgent care while Daddy and Kate hit the road. I don't have pics of Kate there, but by all accounts she was a HAM and gave quite the performance. 

Side note: is it just me, or do kids act sick at home but, as soon as you get to urgent care, they start running around like Usain Bolt? Because that is what Luke does. 

 Luke got some antibiotics and was doing better soon.

It was an eventful but great holiday week. We are thankful for so many things! 

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