Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kate's First Haircut

Kate's hair has grown so much over the past few weeks. Her emerging curls have MELTED OUR HEARTS, but she's gotten a little fluffy around the bangs and sideburns. With her first birthday party and Easter not too far away, I wanted to get her hair trimmed and needed someone I could trust. Thankfully Taylor, who works at a salon with my stylist and has a young girl of her own, agreed to give Kate her first hair cut.

I can't believe how well Kate did! She was very alert - she studied Taylor really carefully, but she was nice and still. I'm amazed!

Mom came with me to keep an eye on Luke since I was sitting in the chair with Kate. (Mom also said that if Taylor cut off any of the curls in the back, she would kill her. =| Not kidding, y'all. We take curls quite seriously! :D) Luke was so busy that Mom wasn't able to get a ton of pictures, but at the very least she got a before shot... 

...and an after! 

Sweet Kate is growing up way too quickly! 

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