Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Break Fun

In a wonderful change of pace from what has been a brutal winter, we had a day with perfect weather. Jackie came up with the idea to visit Casey's Clubhouse, a new park in Grapevine. Behold...

Here's Luke's face as we pulled up to it. 

And here it is just after he said, simply, "Outside!" 

*Swoon* How precious are my babies? 

Luke had a great time, as did his cousins JD and Hallie, and his sister Kate! 

Luke wasn't thrilled to leave the park for day camp, but he survived. 

In more mundane matters, I feel super brave now that I'm taking both kids shopping more often. We hit Sam's... 

...and later, Wal Mart. Kate loves my hair and her own, so it's really no surprise she started messing with Luke's. 

You can't see her smile, but you can see he is less than thrilled. :)

Loving the free time to play with my kiddos! 

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