Saturday, March 15, 2014


I'm going to do my best to write this while Kate climbs all over me. :)

Our big project for Christmas 2013 was to convert our office (or, as I affectionately called it, our in-home landfill) into a playroom for the kids. We work best with a deadline and pressure, so once we decided to do this around October, we had many busy weekends! 

Of course I didn't take a before picture, but this gives you somewhat of an idea of what we had to do to clear the room! 

We had to clean out MANY boxes (much more than you see here), move three pieces of furniture out, move a couch downstairs, and bring a love seat upstairs.... all before we did much of anything! 

We wanted to create a space for both kids to play that could also evolve. It also needed to be okay for a boy or girl, so I settled on a turquoise color scheme. 

Gradual progress...

The night before Christmas...

...our makeshift tent (because at this point, the canopy we really wanted was on back order): 

Bow on the door for Christmas morning!

I'm so thankful we've put this together, though I must give Jeremy about 95% of the credit since he did so much to make it possible! It's still a work in progress. Last weekend the canopy came in: 

And I'm waiting on these prints I come in the mail: 

I'll post more pictures when it is all put together. In the meantime, come over and play sometime! :)

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